Sanus 1U Steel Flanged Blanking Panel Fits All Component Series AV Racks - CASBP1-B1


$16.99 CAD

The SANUS Component Series CASBP1 1U steel flanged blanking panel maintains consistent airflow to prevent improper cooling or heating of AV components inside an AV rack. Solid construction and durable powder-coated finish.

Product Features

  • Hardware included
Product Brand:SANUS
Model Code: CASBP1
UPC Code:793795520968 - Black
Product Width:19.12" / 48.56cm
Product Weight:0.65lbs / 0.29kg
Package Width:23.50" / 59.69cm
Package Height:0.25" / 0.64cm
Package Depth:3.50" / 8.89cm
Package Weight: 0.70lbs / 0.32kg

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