Sanus Rack-Mount Power Line Conditioner And Surge Protector - CAPC01-B1


$369.99 CAD


The SANUS Component Series CAPC01 power conditioner features adjustable, dual pull-out LED lights to easily illuminate rack equipment and 11 fast-acting 2,400-Joule protected outlets. A multi-mode LED panel indicates voltage, amps and power consumption. EMI/RFI noise filtration eliminates noise up to 30 dB, ensuring quality signals.

Product Features

  • Easily connect equipment
  • Filter noise for superior signals
  • Hardware included
  • Protected outlets
Product Brand:SANUS
Model Code: CAPC01
Product Width:19.00" / 48.26cm
UPC Code: 793795521736 - Black
Product Weight:5.45lbs / 2.47kg
Package Width:7.83" / 19.89cm
Package Height:20.71" / 52.60cm
Package Depth:2.80" / 7.11cm

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