Samsung Rollable Screen for The Premiere - VG-PRSP120S/ZA

Category : Projection Screens

$3,499.99 CAD
  • Easy screen installation
  • Optimized for The Premiere
  • Vivid picture quality

Maximize your cinema experience

Rollable Screen and The Premiere, a great combination!

* Rollable Screen manufactured by Vividstorm.* All warranties provided by Vividstorm.* Model and colour availability may vary by country.


Easy screen installation without space restriction

No need for professional installation. Easily place the projector and project it on the Rollable Screen freely without affecting the wall behind it.

* Dramatization for demo purposes only.


Automatic Rollable Screen optimized for The Premiere

Maximize your viewing experience with the Rollable Screen for The Premiere. The screen will automatically come up when you simply turn on The Premiere.


Vivid and clear picture with no distraction from ambient light

ALR (ambient light rejection) screen with tension bracket will enable you to enjoy vivid picture quality by keeping non-projector light from reflecting back to viewers.

DesignRollable Screen (Electric Tension Floor Screen)
MaterialAmbient Light Rejecting (ALR)
Housing ColourWhite
Screen ColourDark Grey
View Area120 inch (2,656 x 1,494 mm)
Viewing Angle170°
Compatible ModelThe Premiere (LSP9 / LSP7)
Overall Screen Height1,884 mm
Overall Product Housing Size (WxHxD)2910 x120 x 383 mm
Package (WxHxD)2970 x 200x 450 mm
Product34 kg
Package36 kg
User ManualYes
Warranty2 years

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